Rabies antibodies
We independently carry out a full production cycle from the active substance to the finished dosage form
Modern, unique equipment of foreign brands
Skilled professionals
Соблюдение всех норм, требований и стандартов при работе с биоматериалами и лекарственными средствами
We independently carry out a full production cycle from the active substance to the finished dosage form
Modern, unique equipment of foreign brands
Skilled professionals
Соблюдение всех норм, требований и стандартов при работе с биоматериалами и лекарственными средствами

Using the best achievements of science in the field of biotechnology, we create fundamentally new opportunities for the treatment of diseases and improving the quality of life of people and animals, without the use of chemical synthesis in the production of drugs. Today, using patented technology, clinical studies are underway on the use of the latest medicines for livestock (large cattle stock).

Biological products of our company belong to the class - First-in-class - these are the latest drugs that have not yet been on the market. Important here is the fact that highly effective indicators of the use of drugs for animals have provided a solid scientific basis for the development of biological products for humans.

About us

The international pharmaceutical company NoviStem independently carries out the full cycle of medicine production using the patented technology in the field of bioengineering: from the development and production of active substances to the manufacturing of finished dosage forms and marketing support for manufactured products.

Great experience

Since 1999, our scientists have been developing and introducing methods of cell biotechnology based on stem cells in the field of veterinary medicine and classical medicine for the treatment of various types of diseases.

Branches in several cities

The main office is located in Moscow.

The development of innovative medicines is carried out in the company's own research centers and laboratories in St. Petersburg and Belgorod. Our first manufacturing enterprise has got the license, it produces veterinary medicines in Belgorod.


Research and development is carried out by a group of biotechnological scientists, both on the basis of our own and world experience in studying the physiology of mesenchymal stem cells, the mechanism of their regulatory action in the body, the regenerative potential and therapeutic effects in the treatment of a number of diseases. Quality inspection of products is carried out by experienced specialists at all stages of production - from the supply of raw materials to finished products.

Production and quality inspection comply with the requirements of the regulatory documents of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which was confirmed by the inspection of the Central Control Institute of Russia (VGNKI) during the licensing inspection.

Executive team

General manager

Lavrik Alexey Anatolyevich

20 years of work in the field of cell biotechnology, virology and pharmaceuticals. Actively interacts with specialists from Serbia, France, Thailand and other countries. Author of 10 patents, 7 state standards, more than 50 publications.

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Rabies antibodies test

The first independent commercial organization in the Russian Federation that conducts diagnostic studies of post-vaccination immunity for animals. Since 2018, company employees have successfully passed international accreditation by the French Food Standards Agency (AFSSA).

In order to make a test, click on the link.

Our drug products

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Maria Krasnova

The Mare had a micro-tear (distention) of the left anterior tendon.
There was lameness, as well as swelling of the tendon in the area of the anterior and posterior parts of the slate bone.

We started to inject the Ultrasel Horse course 2 weeks after the injury by intramuscular injection. At night, the mare stood in a bandage, during the course the exercise was 10-15 minutes on concrete.

We took photos of each day during the course, at its end - at intervals.

The result appeared a week after the last injection. Swelling became much less evident, lameness became less. At this stage, we began to smear ointment for the night to restore the tendons.

By this time, increased the step time to 30 minutes(10 of them riding) on soft ground.

The last video was made 3.5 weeks after the end of the treatment course.
Swelling is almost gone, the Mare barely noticeable protects the leg.
After consultation with our veterinarian, we will decide whether to inject the second course or one will be enough for a full recovery.

Irina Savchenko

This is my dog - Santa.For 11 months I could not take her out for a walk, because even after a short walk we returned on three legs and cried. Periodically there were crisis days when she could not walk at all. But we were lucky. After the first treatment course, she felt better, she began to walk a little more confidently. Her posture had changed. She began to hold her head higher. a month later we've repeated treatment course. And then she has really blossomed out and ran! Yes, she was limping, but a little bit, we stopped taking the pills. Santa got stronger. We walked for an hour and never had exacerbations. Came home confidently on four paws. After four months, I asked to repeat the treatment course. And today I can say that she forgot about the injured paw. She is strong, playful, very temperamental kitty. And all thanks to our doctor, who recommended us UltraCell-Dog. Many thanks time and again. Many thanks to the company for the wonderful medicine. Thank you so much for my Santa. This medicine brought joy back to our family. Thank you so much.

No name

Around January 2017 the dog started limping. She limped only after sleeping, afterwards she walked normally as if nothing ever happened. As time passed the lameness got stronger, so I took her to the surgeon.

After the examination, the surgeon said that the dog has problems with 2 joints, there is no point in making an x-ray and sent us to make for a CT scan. Since the dog was scheduled for CT scan only for the next week, I decided to try to inject Ultracell-Dog. After a course of drug application, a week later the dog stopped limping. When we visited the doctor again to conduct a CT scan, he examined the baby and said that he did not see any pathological changes and the animal did not need to be examined!

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