Dog training centers

The "UltraCell-Dog" drug is not replaceable for emergency and ongoing treatment of diseases of dogs in the service. Most often, these are lesions of the musculo-skeletal system (ligament injuries, osteoarthritis) and skin integument (wounds, burns).

Using the drug in a natural way will improve the adaptation of animals to stressful situations, allow the body to cope better with excessive loads, which ultimately will increase endurance and performance, both during training and at work.

At working trips to places where there is no veterinary care, the UltraCell-Dog preparation is an indispensable tool in a first-aid kit for a service dog. For service dogs, work means life.


  1. Treatment efficiency and ease of administration
  2. Significant clinical effect and absolute safety of the drug
  3. The drug "UltraCell-Dog" will replace years of treatment with many expensive drugs that provide symptomatic treatment
  4. Elimination of relapses of age-related and post-traumatic diseases
  5. Application leads to a significant increase in service life, which pushes back the natural and time-consuming process of raising new mainstream pets
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