Horse breeding farms

Horses are the embodiment of grace, beauty, strength, speed. Their main task was and remains - movement, whether it is horse racing, show jumping, dressage, driving or just horseback riding.

The animal shall always move flawlessly!

The use of the drug "UltraCell-Horse" allows you quickly and effectively to solve a number of issues that often occur in horses with legs, which allows animals to always stay "in good shape".

Horses can often be prone to skin diseases, as well as getting injured when used in work. The drug "UltraCell-Horse" normalizes the condition of the skin, which improves the health of the animal and its appearance.


  1. Absolute safety and significant clinical effect
  2. Reduces recovery time for animals from injuries
  3. It can be used as a first aid without a doctor's appointment
  4. Can replace several medicines
  5. After treatment the horse may return to the level of initial loads
  6. Improves appearance and physical condition
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