About company

The international pharmaceutical company NoviStem independently carries out the full cycle of medicine production using the patented technology in the field of bioengineering: from the development and production of active substances to the manufacturing of finished dosage forms and marketing support for manufactured products.

Our drug products

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Using the best achievements of science in the field of biotechnology, we create fundamentally new opportunities for the treatment of diseases and improving the quality of life of people and animals, without the use of chemicals and BAA (biologically active additive) in the production of drugs.

The development of innovative medicines is carried out in the company's own research centers and laboratories in St. Petersburg and Belgorod. Our first manufacturing enterprise is licensed and produces veterinary drugs in Belgorod, the central office of the company is located in Moscow.

Since 1999, our scientists have been developing and introducing methods of cell biotechnology based on stem cells in the field of veterinary medicine and classical medicine for the treatment of various types of diseases.

Biological products of our company belong to the class - First-in-class - fundamentally new drugs that have not been on the market yet. Important here is the fact that highly effective indicators of the use of drugs for animals have provided a solid scientific basis for the development of biological products for humans.

Production site

The production of veterinary drugs is carried out in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which was confirmed when inspected by specialists of the Central Scientific and Control Institute of Russia VGNKI during the licensing of the site.

The company has implemented and is constantly improving a quality inspection system that is harmonized with national and international GMP requirements. All production processes, quality monitoring procedures, and product storage processes are validated. The equipment is certified and qualified.

Quality inspection of products is currently outsourced by an accredited laboratory. Currently, we are designing our own quality inspection laboratory, which will meet the requirements of ISO: 9001, as well as harmonized with the GMP requirements.

The pharmaceutical quality system annually sets and achieves new goals, which ensures an increase in production efficiency and quality of developed and manufactured drugs.